Inhabit your true self today


Inhabit your true Self today. See things as they truly are. See people as they really are. Be mindful of the suffering of those around you. Do what will aid the liberation of others today. Seek to do no harm. Be an expression of loving-kindness, compassion, and goodness. Do not look at others through eyes of judgment. See every person as your mother or father, son or daughter, sister or daughter. Honor your highest truth today. Be kind and compassionate with yourself. When you get off track, simply be aware and return to the life that is unfolding before you in that moment. Don’t complicate it. Respond to each situation today as it requires. Don’t become embroiled in drama. Realize that you are undisturbed, at peace, and full of joy in your true self.

Latest Comments

  1. nunzi says:

    beautifully said & I will add . . . see everything as the creator for it is the creator, the great spirit that made all life, seen and unseen, equally in ‘his’ eyes

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