Throw away your artifical should-ner


I should be…

reading more,
meditating more,
learning more,
praying more,
progressing more,
philosophizing more,
doing spiritual practices more,
posting enlightening thoughts more.

Says who? Where did that “should” come from? Do the above things if you want. Don’t do them if you don’t want. Your life is your spiritual path. It’s the next thing that happens. It’s not necessary to burden your life by thinking you must interject something for some artificial “should” list. Be mindful of the truth today. Respond to situations as they require. Seek to no harm. Have compassion. Do whatever aids the liberation of all beings. Be an expression of loving-kindness and goodness. Let all of these unfold spontaneously along the everyday paths of your life. Let go of all the anxiety, stress, and burden of what you are “supposed” to do or be. There is nothing that needs to be added to your life to improve it.

Latest Comments

  1. Erik Stoop says:

    Hi Jim, you don’t know how much I needed to read that post! Thank you. I’ve been following your blog and I’m busy reading Divine Nobodies, really enjoying it! Keep it up!

  2. sixsteps268 says:

    Yep. Needed this.

  3. Michelle Basalto says:

    I can’t believe how simply perfect this is for me right now. Thank you so much *breathes a happy sigh of relief, pours a cuppa and goes and lays in the hammock*

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