God’s love is not a reaction


“God’s Love is not tied to the performance-based system that religion is fond of teaching. God’s Love is not a reaction to your actions or beliefs. God’s Love is not a spigot that turns off and on based on the accuracy of your theology, how religious you are, or how far you’ve progressed on your journey. That is why it is UNCONDITIONAL. You have already met every condition by simply being who you are and there are no further conditions to meet.

It’s not that God DOES loving things – God IS unconditional Love. You’re never going to show up in a moment when this is not so.

Unconditional Love is the underlying, unchanging, and fundamental fact. It is the reality of your life and all things. You are born out of unconditional Love, born into unconditional Love, born as unconditional Love, and to unconditional Love one day you will return.

God’s Love does not fluctuate. It cannot be earned or lost. It is never threatened. God’s unconditional Love is available to all people, all the time, everywhere.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

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  1. Kevin bartram says:

    Thank you Jim . Even though I know this deep in my heart , there’s that little flesh I guess that not so much doubts but just still can’t grasp how he could love someone like myself and all of us so unconditional . Its strange when sometimes I ll get through a battle n feel so good to wake up the next day and feel so distant from him ?. But then he reminds me through brothers like you all over , so thanks again! I pray The Lord keeps blessing you also.

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