It begins by thinking for yourself


The last few days in Texas, I had the chance to meet several FB and blog friends. Some of them were in their 50’s and 60’s. These folks have great wisdom and know the way things really are. However, some of them (you) need to be coaxed out to play. There’s too much at stake for the people who know better to be on the sidelines observing or pining away in passivity.

It’s too easy to criticize, find fault, rail against what you think is wrong, and lob bombs of disapproval from the sidelines. Make a personal investment in being the alternative. It’s not that difficult to see what people are against. I just can’t figure out what they are for.

It doesn’t take long for one to see that the institutions of religion, government, and education often add up to about the same thing. The cure starts with people deciding to think for themselves. Step back and take a good look at things. Why are we doing this? Because its just been this way for so long? Because some “expert” said it’s supposed to be this way? When are you going to wake up, and start questioning the way things are? When are you going to start listening to and trusting that still small voice within? It’s going to put you at odds with the way things currently are. When you start feeling the tension of this, you know you are in the right place.

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  1. Pam Swendig says:

    And that, dear Jim, is why this 57-year old left 32 years of music ministry. Thanking God for His push out of the norm and comfortable to the challenging and uncomfortable!

  2. Shannon Addyman says:

    I am laughing…. I promised you I would start responding to some of your blogs and comments and since I fit the description somewhat to this particular blog….I am in my 50’s…I had a wonderful time having several discussions with you in Texas…and I did verbalize my disapproval of the failing education system, man made religion, and governmental corruption…I decided I would start with this one…
    Even though I do see all these negative things..I also see the positives..the possibilities..the promising futures…that are also available to us. In fact, I personally feel that casting a vision for a better, brighter future for an individual, a business, a state, a political party, a nation…a world… is VERY important…Everyone needs some sort of “cheerleader” to encourage them to continue create something make something better, to love someone dearer…to dream bigger…to believe they can make a difference….because we are ALL capable of doing EXTRAORDINARY things in our own unique way…LIFE is a play ground…so let’s all get out there and PLAY!….Thank you Jim for being such a wonderful cheerleader for all of us….through your words and your life!

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