a plan to change everything


The future of our world does not yet exist as facts. The word has always been an expression of the dominant consciousness.  The way things are now is simply a reflection of the views, mentalities, narratives, and ideologies that drive and govern our daily lives. If we can change that, we can transform our world.

With that in mind, consider this simple plan:

Start with yourself

The lack of peace, freedom, harmony, and well-being in the world is a reflection of the lack of these within yourself. Address the root cause of your own disharmony, and you will be able to aid the liberation of all beings.

Raise your critical consciousness

Stop and question the views that are determining your life. Deconstruct what you’ve been told, and hear every day. Stop externalizing authority, and stop outsourcing the core components of your life. Reclaim possession of yourself. Start trusting and listening to yourself, and apply critical and free thinking as a regular course of life.

See the interrelated nature of reality

There is no “us” and “them.” See every human being as your mother or father, sister or brother, or son or daughter. Recognize that all living things are inseparably interconnected, and what any one of us does affects the whole. 

Have compassion

Realize that what any human is doing in any moment is the result of a lifetime of conditioning. Taking personal responsibility for one’s life is fundamental but each of us can appreciate that it’s not always so easy to shed those dynamics that have shaped us into the people we have become. Start with the person in the mirror, and have compassion on others as you go.

Do your part

Don’t accept the premise that things will never change or can’t change. Do not hide your light under a basket or pine away in passivity. Consistently and tangibly give expression to what you are most passionate about in creating a new world that works for everyone.

Don’t let our individual differences divide us

Every person can fully embrace and follow their religious tradition, spiritual interests, cultural values, or philosophical views without creating division, hostility, violence or hatred. Whatever our individual differences may be, each of us can find a rationale and motivation for being an instrument of goodness, peace, love, and compassion in the world, and affirm the inherent, equal, and unconditional worth of every human being.

Encourage self-actualization in one another

Every person can participate in a process of personal growth, self-actualization, and fulfillment of one’s highest beliefs and aspirations, and encourage the same for others. All of us have something valuable to learn from each other. The future of our world rests in our willingness to work, play, live, grow, and be… together.

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  1. Renee Miller says:

    Reblogged this on reneemillerblog and commented:
    So many encouraging points pertinent to embracing and showing love to humanity…all of humanity. It is that love that changes the world.

  2. Amy Brown says:

    This is a really cool synthesis of a number of things I’ve been studying lately. I teach a recovery class that focuses on healing our unhealthy ways of doing life that we received through childhood conditioning, traumatic experiences, etc,, and I’ve also been reading Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection, some Robert Farrar Capon, and also your books Divine Nobodies and Over the Edge. I love it when I read things from a variety of sources and it all comes together — gives me that sense that I’m on the right track. Thanks for your books and blog. It matters.

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