If you want to change everything, read this…


A plan to change everything, and create a new possibility:

1. See the fundamental truth of the way things really are for yourself first. This results in knowing yourself, others, ultimate reality, and life in a different way. Address the root cause of your own suffering so you can aid the liberation of all beings.

2. Raise your critical consciousness. In other words, stop and question the ideas, narratives, theologies, ideologies, and views that are driving and determining your life. Deconstruct what you’ve been told, and what you hear everyday. Stop externalizing authority, start trusting and listening to yourself, and apply critical and free thinking as a regular course of life. Take possession of yourself, and do not outsource yourself to others to do the thinking for you.

3. Internalize the interrelated nature of reality. See every human being as your mother or father, sister or brother, or son or daughter.

4. Have compassion. Realize that what any of us are doing in any moment is the result of a lifetime of conditioning. You can’t expect anything different from a person who is not awake. Seek to do what aids the liberation of others, and have compassion as you go.

5. Don’t accept the premise that things will never change or can’t change. Do not hide your light under a basket or pine away in passivity. Consistently and tangibly give expression to your highest truth along the everyday paths of live and living.

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  1. Shannon Addyman says:

    WOW!!!!!!! I love this!!!…I could not have said it better myself…This is very straightforward, thoughtful, and provoking….. It is taking all our “philosophical ” talking points and turning them into an ACTION plan…excellent!…
    Step 1, I would say that for many years of my life, FEAR was the root cause of much of my suffering…Of course, that could take on many forms and disguises…fear of not being loved or accepted, fear of not measuring up, fear of evil or being “misled”, fear of the dark, fear of being wrong, fear of failure..fear of success, fear of !?!? ….This FEAR thing can go on and on and on..and can morph into new and different forms throughout our lives..I have seen it immobilize myself and the masses for YEARS. When I began to get free of much of it….it was LIFE CHANGING!!!!!!!

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