How to transform the world today



While people seek to spark revolutions, launch movements, and achieve epic victories for humankind, it appears that there is nothing more significant for the transformation of the world than what you do as a parent today. There is no more important effort than to teach your children to be independent and free thinkers, and to actively support and encourage their spiritual and human formation. This isn’t just one of those nicey-nice feel-good things to be empathetic toward parents. What I’m saying is that it’s not possible to produce true transformation and lasting change in this world apart from this commitment to parenting. There’s no greater contribution than this!

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  1. Shannon Addyman says:

    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE!!!!!!! It’s for this very reason that I have worked with kids of various ages in various capacities over the years: MOM, parenting class facilitator, school teacher, camp counselor, homeschooler, youth pastor, etc…There is greater way to transform the world than sharing your life, love, time, wisdom, a listening ear, compassion, creativity, perspective, encouragement, direction, etc. with your children…AND all the other “adopted” one’s that God puts in your path. Many times we change the world one person at a time..that starts with our kids. There is no greater honor!

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