It’s being divine and human; not one or the other


Jesus said he was “in this world but not of this world.” The important thing is that Jesus was both. On the one hand, you and I must remember that our true Self is born of God, and that the fundamental nature and essence of who we are complete, whole, at peace, undisturbed, and lacking nothing. Our true Self exists outside of space and time and is one with God. That’s the “not of this world”-part. However, some of us aren’t really “in this world.” We are sort of drifting along, biding our time, absorbed in ourselves, and pining away in passivity and indifference. One good way to be “in this world” is to know this world. Look deeper. Press further. Practice independent and free thinking. Don’t settle for the pat answers. Question everything. Educate yourself. Deconstruct the models, systems, narratives, and ideas that govern our lives. Jesus did all these things. This is why he was a threat to the religious and political establishments of his day. Do you see? Jesus was not human at the expense of being divine. Neither was he divine at the expense of being human. Learn from this, and follow this way.

Latest Comments

  1. donovanshaw says:

    Wow! Wonderful truth, thanks Jim.

  2. Barny Knelsen says:

    Love that Bro. So true as long as it is through Jesus.

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