15 ways to start a revolution


15 ways to start a revolution:

1. Take ownership of yourself – see your life as something you have the opportunity and responsibility to create.

2. Become an independent and freethinker – question and deconstruct the prevailing views, mentalities, and ideologies that shape and govern our lives

3. Address the root cause of your own personal suffering, captivity, disharmony, and dissatisfaction – this allows you to truly be the change you wish to see in the world.

4. Stop dividing the world up into “us” and “them” or any label – see only one human family and every person as your sister or brother, mother or father, or son or daughter.

5. Approach humankind with compassion, realizing that every person is a manifestation of their conditioning until they become conscious of it.

6. Don’t settle for being against something – be an expression of what you are for.

7. Educate yourself – understand the history and developments behind the way things are now, and realize that this will require investigating deeper than pop literature.

8. Start with what you are passionate about – identify issues, problems, needs, opportunities, injustices, etc. that touch your life on a daily level that you deeply care about.

9. Network with people who share your passion, and desire to be freethinking change agents as well.

10. Be willing to take risks.

11. Convert your good intentions into tangible actions.

12. Don’t get embroiled in the drama of defending yourself or arguing your ideas against those who disapprove or take issue with the path you are on.

13. Express yourself and your revolutionary ideas – make videos and art, speak, sing, and write blogs, books, comments, social media posters, rhymes, stories, and articles about what emerges from all of the above.

14. Expect resistance and don’t back down – exposing and confronting the systems of our world that perpetuate domination, injustice oppression, and disharmony in our world won’t be thrilled with you.

15. Realize that the above things require a commitment of time, energy, and action – involve your children and consider this a priceless part of their education.

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