Human beings are not born sinners


“Contrary to popular religious belief, sin is not a human disease or condition that is repulsive to God. Humans are not “born sinners” and the Bible does not teach this. Sin does not separate you from God. The truth is that your true Self is an extension of the image, likeness and being of God. God’s original proclamation upon human beings was that we are good. Jesus never condemned anyone for being human. He was human himself.

The word “sin” means to fall short or miss the mark. Fall short of what? Miss what mark? Sin is falling short of experiencing the love, peace, freedom, wholeness, and well-being that constitutes our essential nature. Sin is an orientation toward illusion and falsity. It’s missing the mark of our true identity as good and beautiful children of God. We deny the fundamental truth of being one with God, and instead we fashion a False Self based on the erroneous notion of separation from God. Living from that False Self we sow seeds of disharmony in our world.

You are a human expression of the nature and essence of God. God’s being is the source of your being. This has always been the fundamental truth of who you are from the beginning and has never changed. You are whole and complete, good and beautiful. You are free. You are love, peace, power, compassion, awareness, wisdom, and presence. These are not things you gain through effort; it’s who you are and who you always have been. God extends outward in, through, and as you. You are one with God. This was the message and meaning of Jesus.

We fall short of operating within the reality of who we truly are. Instead, we live through a False Self that contradicts our true Self. The only way the idea of being “born into sin” or “born as sinners” is real is that we are born into a notion of ourselves that falls short and misses the mark of who we truly are.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

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  1. hkelson says:

    Reblogged this on Tides of the Mind and commented:
    This is what’s soaring in my heart lately. I’m sure my church friends think I’m falling off the deep end, but I’m tired of living a Christianity that isn’t good news nor produces true lasting fruit IN THIS LIFETIME. Please open your mind to give it some thought.

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