Deconstruction is not something you do, it’s a way of being in the world

I learned that deconstruction is not something you do, it’s a way of being in the world. It started for me by deconstructing church. I realized that what we were doing wasn’t facilitating transformation and authentic community. Next, it was deconstructing my theology, which resulted with the realization that the fundamental premises of my relationship to God, myself, others and life were erroneous. This eventually led to the deconstruction of my Self, suffering, and the very nature of reality. This has continued to expand to my deconstructing many different facets of society – government, education, economics, and the miseries that plague humankind. You get to a point where you simply know too much, and it’s not an option to sit back and do nothing.

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  1. Marcia says:

    Very good post! I have been on a path of deconstruction since my early twenties when I realized that the world, that reality was not what I had been taught as a child. In religion I was taught that sin was all behavior, now I know that sin is a condition of the soul. I think that deconstruction is God’s gift to us! It is an attempt by Him to reach to the deepest part of us so we may more truly know Him and know the truth unencumbered by human attempts to constrain. We know that deconstruction is the will of God as seen in the New Testment as Saint Peter and Saint Paul struggled with the believers of the day not to put old constraints on gentile believers. And so I think that deconstruction is part of the contemplative life. Txs again, Marcia

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