5 things spirituality ISN’T


5 Things Spirituality ISN’T:

1. Being someone other than you.
Being “spiritual” isn’t about become someone else; it’s about discovering all that you already are.

2. Achieving and maintaining a state of being.
Life is not always rainbows and ponies no matter how spiritual you are. Being spiritual isn’t about eliminating the ups and downs of life or our emotions, it’s the acceptance of them.

3. Doing more spiritual things.
Being spiritual isn’t about cramming new things into your life that seem more spiritual but opening the eyes of your soul to see all of life is spiritual. Nothing needs to be added; the only thing lacking is your awareness.

4. Guru driven.
There is much spiritual wisdom that spans centuries, which is available to each of us through books, Internet, etc. We are all teachers and students. You don’t need a guru to be spiritual; there already is one inside you. People say, “Where are the teachers?” I say, “Where are the students?” Every person and every experience in life is your teacher; you just worry about being the student.

5. A new belief system.
There is very little or no value added to the spiritual significance of all things by packaging it up in concepts, formulas, elaborate explanations, or belief systems. You moved from religion to spirituality, remember? Don’t start a new religion. Being spiritual is not about how clever you can explain it but the simple and powerful reality of Being it… living it.

Latest Comments

  1. M. Robinson says:

    “Being spiritual is not about how clever you can explain it but the simple and powerful reality of Being it… living it.”

    Thank you!! Just when I has a few thoughts of leaving my current church due to my occasional feeling of needing to explain myself, fate brought your name to me.
    I have 4 teens who are definitely going to agree in reading your words.
    As a writer and believer myself, I have found great comfort and deep emotion in your words.
    Thank you isn’t enough.

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