Unlearn something today


11 thoughts for cultivating a different context for your spiritual evolution:

Your life is your spiritual path.


Transformation is not seeing different things in your life, but seeing what is in your life, differently.


Consider the possibility that the world is the way it is and others are the way they are, and nothing is preventing your peace and well-being.

Spirituality is not thinking about God while peeling a potato. Just peel the potato, and know that this is spiritual. God and life are inseparable.


Non-action is an important kind of action in knowing truth and being free. The path is not so much about adding new things to do, as it is ceasing those things we do that hinder us.


There is nothing more significant that you can contribute to the lives of your children, loved ones, and all of humankind than to be free yourself.


People speak of not “having” peace, freedom, and well-being in their life. Peace, freedom, and well-being are not things you “have” or “don’t have” in any given moment but they are what you ARE in every moment.


Transformation is not entering a new state; it’s uncovering or surrendering to the reality that has always been there.


A scholar tries to learn something everyday, while the wise person tries to unlearn something.


The problem is not that you can’t have what you want. It’s that you think that getting what you want is your source of peace and happiness.


The world is filled with pain and sorrow. But I have found a serenity that you can find, too.

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