Everything I needed to know about God (I learned at Waffle House)


Chapter 3 of Divine Nobodies is titled: “Waffle House Theology (Wanda the Waitress).” Wanda was a waitress I got to know at a nearby Waffle House that I often went to. She was an important person in my journey of shedding religion to find God. I’m not sure I’d even be here if it weren’t for Wanda. I received word today that Wanda died of pancreatic cancer.

That’s all I have to say about that…

“For years, I prided myself on having right theology, but Wanda got me thinking about whether any theology can be “right” if it doesn’t motivate you to treat people with love and respect. For whatever you did for the waitresses, cashiers, and all the other invisible people we cross paths with each day… you did unto me.”

– Jim Palmer, Divine Nobodies: Shedding Religion to find God (and the unlikely people who help you)

Latest Comments

  1. Erik Stoop says:

    I remeber reading about Wanda, I liked her and I enjoyed that chapter

  2. Thabani says:

    sad to learn of Wanda’s passing, I enjoyed the chapter where you spoke about her.

  3. Chris Thomas says:

    Just took that “Wanda” quote and posted it on my fb page.

    Pray you know His love and peace. Blessings.

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