I don’t read my Amazon reviews (and other strange habits as a writer)


12 Random Things About Me As An Author:

1. It was never a goal of mine to become an author. My writing career started when a publishing house contacted me and asked if I would write a book.
2. I don’t read my Amazon reviews because I take negative reviews too personally.
3. The promotion and marketing side of publishing doesn’t suit me well. I have an aversion to self-promotion, which is not good since it’s a critical part of making a living as a writer.
4. Despite my publishing house turning down The Shack, I wrote the first endorsement that appears in the book.
5. Never learned how to type, but I’ve perfected the hunt-and-peck method, using my middle fingers.
6. Typically I listen to music as a write. Half of Wide Open Spaces was written to U2. Several chapters in my books have been written to film scores.
7. My publishing contract for Being Jesus in Nashville was canceled because the book was determined to be “outside biblical orthodox Christianity.”
8. I still play my cards close to my vest. There’s a lot that has happened in my life that has never made it into a book.
9. I wish I had thicker skin. Being an author isn’t such a good match for someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.
10. I secretly wish that the people who hate me the most will come around and we’ll be friends.
11. My best writing time is 3:30 a.m.
12. I consider myself a better speaker than a writer, but I don’t like being the center of attention, and I abhor being given any kind of special status because of it.

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