God is not a belief-system (refuting the things we commonly hear)


In Notes from (Over) the Edge I refuted some of the common things you hear in Christian circles, and compiled them into the below list:

“God is not a belief-system.
Jesus is not a religion.
Christianity is not a check-list.
Church is not an address.
The Bible is not a book of doctrines.
Community is not a meeting.
Grace has no exceptions.
Ministry is not a program.
Art is not carnal.
Women are not inferior.
Our humanity is not the enemy.
Sinner is not our identity.
Love is not a theory.
Peace is not a circumstance.
Science is not secular.
Sex is not filthy.
Life is not a warm-up for Heaven
The world is not without hope.
There is no “us” and “them.”
Tattoos are not evil.
Loving the earth is not satanic.
Seeing the divine in all things is not heretical.
Self-actualization is not self-worship.
Feelings are not dangerous and unreliable.
The mind is not infallible.”

My friend Patrik Olterman is breaking each of these statements down in a blog series that you might be interested in investigating.

Latest Comments

  1. Susan Frederick Adams (on facebook) says:

    cool! just received your book today Jim, cant wait to dive into it…(18 pages so far) I know it will be amazing words penned from your heart. Thank you brother!

  2. colourmecrazee says:

    love this !!

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