Why “getting saved” won’t change you


“Jesus offered freedom but everywhere Christians are in chains.

It is because they were falsely led to believe that by adding Jesus to their lives by saying the “sinner’s prayer,” or “accepting Jesus as their savior,” or “becoming born again,” etc… that life would be complete. This is magical thinking. Jesus never said that he would save or free anyone. He did not say, “I will set you free.” His exact words were, “When you know the truth, the truth will set you free.” What sets you free? THE TRUTH.

Jesus never caused anyone to be saved. First off, you don’t need to be saved – not from God, not from yourself, not from sin. You do, however, need to cast aside your spiritual ignorance. But even this Jesus cannot do for you. It’s not something anyone can do for anyone else.

The idea of conversion transformation is yet another example of magical thinking that is pinned on Jesus. The idea is that if you “accept Jesus as your savior,” “get saved,” or become “born again,” then everything will instantly be fixed in your life. Jesus never said this. You couldn’t get any closer to Jesus than his first disciples and they were clueless half the time. Why? Because they would not accept, embrace, or walk in the reality of the truth Jesus taught and demonstrated. It’s the same then as it is now – you must embrace the truth in order to be free. There is no substitute for that – not even the nice-sounding Christian formulas.

In essence Jesus said, “I know the Truth, and the tools to end your suffering. Follow me.” And if people had a willing and earnest desire, and listened and applied the Truth that was given, transformation happened. Jesus came around and offered, “If you need that bolt loosened, here’s the wrench.” You can’t throw the kitchen sink at a problem and expect it to be fixed. You have to use the right tool to fix a specific problem.

We have a tendency to be offered a wrench to solve a problem, and we make a religion out of the wrench and worship it, and fight over who has the best wrench. In other words, we make it about the wrench rather than the problem for which the wrench was offered. Rather than worshiping the wrench, and wasting time and energy arguing it, simply use it for the problem it was given to solve. You are suffering. There is a tool to fix it.

Adding God or Jesus into your life isn’t going to necessarily solve anything. You’re going to have to apply the Truth and use the wrench.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge 

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  1. ljandrie57 says:

    The once saved, washed by he blood doctrine of the church my father was “saved” in and pastored in led to the belief that what is in the past is buried. So my dad never dealt with the little boy inside that resented his mom for having the courage to step out of an abusive relationship when he was small. He never wanted to remember that he was beaten by the dad he loved so he blamed the divorce on her.

    What he missed is that what isn’t dealt with still exist and a little girl grew up thinking there was something wrong with her until the last day she saw her dad in this life. At 54 years old she learned that he saw his mother in her. For the last 2 and a half years of my life I have finally been able to more truly recover from the results of what was buried inside and covered by the magical thinking that it was all gone because of “salvation”.

  2. BarbN says:

    “He did not say, ‘I will set you free.’ His exact words were, ‘When you know the truth, the truth will set you free.’ What sets you free? THE TRUTH.”

    *lightbulb goes on* OH.

    Thanks for that.

  3. colourmecrazee says:

    mmm yes, i know what you mean. many times i’ve watched the same people responding to ‘the alter call’ every sunday in a mega church.

  4. Dawn Auerbach says:

    I love this whole notion! Those caught in this ideation usually end up disillusioned with religion or walk away, never having convinced anyone of the power, blessing and freedom in Christ because the truth hasn’t yet set them free. Let this truth be shared!

    Sent to you from Dawns’ iPhone 🙂


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