Jesus is a threat to Christianity


“What the term ‘Christian’ originally referred to has been replaced by the idea of affirming certain beliefs about God. Jesus didn’t come to start a new religion; he came to reveal God. The idea that God could be known simply through interacting with Jesus was a threat to the religious establishment. Heck, if you could experience God directly through Jesus, what did you need them and their religious system for? Jesus said, “I am the truth.” What is that truth? That God and humankind are not separated but one. Any God you ever found in church you brought in with you.”

– Jim Palmer, Wide Open Spaces 

Latest Comments

  1. fpblues says:

    I love it. Been discovering “God” within and without, and after 50 years, I believe I have found the truth I was looking for. Your posts just resonate with all that I have found and all that I am still finding daily. What a relief to know the truth. It does, in fact, set us free.

  2. Mike Love says:

    “Any God you found in Church you brought with you” – I don’t understand. I think I know what you may be getting at. But the statement by itself precludes any revelation the Holy Spirit might provide because of a relationship established in the occurrence of worshipping God in “Church.”

  3. colourmecrazee says:

    oh yes.

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