“Jim, you must not be a Christian.”


“Jim, you must no longer be a Christian. Do you even believe in Jesus?”

“Joe, the significance I place upon Jesus for myself is exponentially greater that any time moment of my life, including the days when I was the Senior Pastor of a thriving Christian church. I do believe in Jesus, but not the traditions of men that were established in his name.”


Contrary to popular belief Jesus did NOT:

  • Start the Christian religion
  • See human beings as “sinners”
  • Die in order to rescue people from God
  • Establish a spiritual hierarchy of “clergy” and “laity”
  • Create a theological orthodoxy about God
  • Write or read the New Testament
  • Advocate the hatred, diminshment or maltreatment of another human being for any reason
  • Teach that women were subservient to men
  • Deny the image of God in any human being
  • Believe that humankind was separated from God

I wrote two posts to clarify the ways Jesus is often misrepresented by the religion that bears his name:

15 Things Jesus Didn’t Say

15 Things Jesus Did Say

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