Jim Palmer Online Art Auction (Friday 7pm CST)

Many of you know that I do spiritual direction and counseling with folks who are in crisis, and do not have the financial means to seek out this kind of support. The situations I am currently involved in include a person who is breaking free from a domestic violence scenario, and another who is separating themselves from an abusive religious cult. I am usually working with four or five people in this capacity. On Friday night I am going to be having a Facebook Auction with four of my original abstract art pieces, which are acrylic paintings on canvas. Two of them are 14×18, and two are 10×10. There is also one 16×20 piece donated by artist Donna Willis Kinnaird. I posted pics of the auction pieces below. The auction will begin at 7pm CST on Friday night, and close at 7pm CST Saturday. I plan on posting each picture separately for the auction. Friends can make bids in the comment section or if you wish to remain anonymous you can place a silent bid through a FB message. It’s a joy to share my art, and the auction will enable me to continue supporting those who come to me in crisis. Thanks 🙂 






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  1. Shannon Addyman says:

    What a GREAT idea…and FUN too!

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