If everything is okay, why is everything so screwed up?


Jim, your message seems to be that there is nothing wrong with us or anyone. If this is true then why are so many people screwed up, and the world such a mess? A simple scan of the news headlines is just a reminder of how twisted and evil people can be.


At the most fundamental level each of us is whole and complete. The underlying and unchanging nature and essence of humankind and all thingsis God. The basis of your true Self is God. That Self cannot be improved or diminished. That Self knows truth and is truth. That Self is in no need of enlightenment, salvation, or transformation. That Self is undisturbed, at peace, never lacking, and well… in every moment,,, always.

But here’s the deal. That Self took on human personhood – a human mind, body, personality, etc. Why? Because we are all here to be a human expression of our true Self, and create a world out of that reality. You might ask: What is it supposed to look like??? 2000 years ago it looked like Jesus, and the life he lived. Jesus brought an epic paradigm shift to humankind by obliterating the falsehood of separation from God but humankind has to catch up in embracing and unpacking this profound reality.

So, for each of us our real Self is born into a human mind and body. Unlike the permanence of that Self, our human personhood is malleable, and we are shaped into our human personhood through our unique set of conditions, circumstances, environment, relationships, and choices. The bummer of this is that many people are not aware of their true Self or the true nature of all things, and run out into the world to attain love, worth, value, security, identity, acceptance, peace, and well-being anyway they can get it. This spiritual ignorance and the thoughts and actions that stem from it is why there is hatred, violence, disharmony, and despair in this world, which the news headlines attest to.

It can get a bit complicated. We didn’t get into this mess overnight, and it’s going to really require something of us all to get out of it. The spiritual ignorance that is at the root of our problem is so pervasive that most people don’t even see it. Jesus confronted it squarely, and then we turned Jesus into a religion to keep the falsehood going. We are an inventive lot!

What to do?

You may not like my answer because it sounds a bit… well… ho hum. The answer is that you must address the root cause of suffering for yourself, embrace the truth fully yourself, and be free. It may be a little difficult to compute, but the reality is that as you do your personal work, you are doing it for all humankind. Everyone benefits. Your personal transformation is a score for all humankind, and the way of changing those news headlines.

This won’t be easy because part of the disease is how people have been convinced that things can’t change. Religion has told too many people that the world is hopeless and doomed, and we should bide our time and hold out until God swoops down and air-lifts us out of it. The Christian religion got people focused on the “rapture;” meanwhile, Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God has already come and is here. Facepalm!

So, do your part! The world is not too far gone to be transformed but it has to start and happen in and through you! Stop reading the news headlines and start looking in the mirror. I’m speaking to myself here 🙂 

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