Pop, goes the Weasel!


Within every human being is a self-actualizing tendency. At the root of our human personhood, we long to grow, evolve, deepen, and expand into the fullness of who we are. Too often religion denies and thwarts this self-actualizing tendency at every turn by demanding that we remain in a very small, tight, limited, and restrictive space. We are made to fear ourselves and our fullness, and fear keeps us from exploring any further than the confined place religion puts us in. You will find as you are shedding religion that this self-actualizing tendency will revive, strengthen, accelerate, and will reach it’s zenith. Some characteristics of this self-actualization include:

1. Dissatisfaction with one’s staus quo
2. Intolerance of inauthenticity
3. Casting off of rules, regulations, and restrictions
4. Resurgence of individuality
5. Openness to new possibilities
6. Desire to grow, learn, and expand
7. Freedom of self-expression
8. Establishment of personal boundaries
9. Reshaping of your relational world
10. Greater acceptance and love for others

Latest Comments

  1. Jesse says:

    During my journey I found self-realization through the SRF and Advaita Vedanta after I left organized religion. Your list of characteristics are the characteristics I found in self-realization. I cite this because I, through you, found self-realization in being a christian.

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