The unmapped territory of universal higher consciousness (yeah, that!)


Along the way it’s likely that you have run into terms and concepts like “higher consciousness,” “universal consciousness,” or “collective consciousness.”

In general, the idea of a “universal higher consciousness” is that there is a nonlocal and atemporal source of being… source of awareness… source of perception… through and in which we have:
an unmediated and direct experience of the way things really are;
an unmediated and direct experience of ultimate truth;
an unmediated and direct experience of the oneness of all things;
an unmediated and direct experience of all things being whole, complete, harmonious and well;
an unmediated and direct experience of no separation.

Inside the reality of “universal higher consciousness” there is the dissolution of all spiritual ignorance, and there is only the light of what is real and true. Some refer to this “universal higher consciousness” as “God.” Others see the references of Jesus to the “kingdom of God” as this “universal higher consciousness.”

In my writings I often refer to our “true Self.” In the above terms, that Self dwells in and is an expression of that “universal higher consciousness.” When Jesus said, “I am the truth,” you might understanding Jesus to be saying that “universal higher consciousness” was united with the elements of human personhood in order to have a human experience, and that the point is to create our human experience out of that consciousness. In other words, we were born “out of the image of God” as creators, and we are here to create our world from that “universal higher consciousness” (“on earth as it is in heaven”).

You could deconstruct terms and concepts such as “higher consciousness,” “universal consciousness,” or “collective consciousness,” and explore their original meanings/usages by studying people like Anaxagoras, Hegel, or Durkheim, but these terms have now evolved and taken on new meanings in the spiritual context. Quantum Physics has also added a scientific dimension, foundation, and validation to these concepts.

For many people coming out of religion, this may be unmapped territory, and perhaps you were even scared away from such terms because you were told they were “New Age,” “demonic,” and who knows what else. Religion tends to be very effective at controlling and limiting people’s spiritual freedom and evolution through fear tactics. All the above terms and words are not “new.” For example, pre-Socratic philosopher Anaxagoras delved into these concepts, as well as philosophers like Hegel and Durkheim (and many others).

Anywho, feel free to share what you are discovering about these ideas and realities in your own spiritual growth and evolution.

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  1. brooke merkin says:

    actually it’s more like a gradual pulling away from the brightness, sounds and alure of the dream. You see the things and people but you feel yourself inside yourself, not seeking outside yourself any more.

  2. BarbN says:

    I just spent five days in the Bible belt, back in the land of my youth, and although it’s been decades since I agreed with them about religion or almost anything else, I still feel at home there in a way that I don’t anywhere else–which is enough to drive me crazy. There is a complete disconnect between my visceral “these are my people” reaction, and the fact that I really can’t swallow the whole evangelical schtick anymore. So thank you for being here and reminding me that I’m not the only one going through this and that I’m not crazy for having moved beyond the religion of my youth. It’s so endemic there, it’s like you’re breathing it in. As much as I love my family, it would kill me to live in that environment again. As far as universal or higher consciousness goes, I’ve had a few experiences with it that have convinced me it exists and that it explains certain elements of my experience much more simply than evangelicalism ever did. I hadn’t ever really thought about it as it relates to Jesus–interesting.

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