Dear Jim, Are you apostate?


(I received the following Facebook message last night.)

“Hey Jim. Of all the things you have been called, can you remember one of them being an “apostate”? I was talking with a friend who insists you have left your core faith behind, salvation through Christ, to embrace a more universalist view. Any light you can shed on this? Just wondering.”


Yes, I have certainly been called apostate… as well as heretic, reprobate, demonic… and many more things I don’t care to mention here. What I did was leave the core teachings of the Christian religion, which I ultimately discovered were incompatible with the life and teachings of Jesus. The central truth of Jesus is that God and humankind are not separated but one. I don’t think you can get anymore “universalist” than that. God loves all humankind… universally. God and humankind are inseparable… universally. The truth of Jesus applies to everyone… universally. What I’m trying to say is that Jesus was an apostate, heretic, reprobate, and universalist himself, and so I wear all those labels proudly.

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  1. Lee Petersen says:

    Amen Jim !! The Jesus I know which is my own eternal Self is found in every man,woman,& child of God ,Our Mother & Father , this Universality of God can also be expressed as God Is All as in Almighty .The Christian faith embraced by traditional Christianity is not a reflection of Jesus’ teachings but that of the Emperor Constantine . I pray that the Light of the Spirit shine upon them & awaken them from the Dream of Delusion . A lie is still a lie even if everyone believes it ……No Fear !!

  2. leah77 says:

    Amen, Jim. Amen.

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