Be irreverent (and other ways to change the world)


8 ways of being to create a new future for our world:

1. Curiosity
the desire to learn or know more about something; inquisitive interest; interest leading to inquiry

2. Irreverence
the willingness to question an individual, idea, dogma, organization, institution, etc., considered to be exempt from criticism or questioning

3. Imagination
the act or power of envisioning a possibility not yet present or wholly perceived in reality

4. Sense of humor
the tendency to provoke laughter and provide amusement; the mental faculty of discovering, expressing, or appreciating ludicrous or
absurdly incongruous elements in ideas, situations, happenings, or acts; a way to maintain one’s sanity on the journey

5. Ego
unreserved confidence in one’s ability and power to do what he or she believes must be done;

6. A free and open mind
has no need for the security of an ideology; does not create a new religion or pour concrete over his or her latest discovery; willing to consider new and different ideas and views

7. Acceptance
starting with the reality of the way things really are – the condition and suffering of our individual lives, and the condition and suffering of all humankind and living things; taking responsibility and ownership of our lives and the world we have created

8. Love
living in solidarity and compassion with all humankind and living things; seeking to do no harm against another; working towards the well-being of all, and building a world that works for everyone

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