That reality moving through our universe



The central message of Jesus was that the Kingdom of God has come. People scratched their heads because they could not locate, access or find evidence of this Kingdom. But Jesus insisted, “The Kingdom of God is among you.” He told people to look inside themselves to find it.

The Kingdom of God is present in every moment but it is amorphous, without shape or form. You cannot point to it and say, “There it is.” The reality of God’s kingdom is unlimited, its space is infinite, its time is eternal. We allow this reality to be limited by our senses and prescribed by our senses. We confine our experience of the world through these five apertures into our reality.

The Kingdom of God is moving through this universe in every moment. It is the fundamental essence of who you are. We are the Kingdom of God. This expansive and amorphous reality is known or experienced as something we would use words like love, peace, harmony, whole, beautiful, and one to describe.

The adventure, fulfillment, and purpose of our human existence is to give birth to this reality, this kingdom in the time and space dimension of human living. You must first know and touch this reality in and as yourself, and become aware of its unlimited, infinite, eternal, and ever-present nature. Like a well-tuned guitar or piano, your spirit is in tune or harmonized with the reality of God’s kingdom, and your daily life becomes a human expression of it. You birth the Kingdom of God into the world along the everyday paths of life through your thoughts, intentions, actions, encounters, relationships, creations, responses, and your way of seeing and being in the world.


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  1. Joy Youngs says:

    Jim this is so absolutely beautiful and a truth that I have been trying to live & share. Thank you for putting into words what I believe yet again.

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