6 thoughts that might encourage you (or piss you off)


A new world will open if we will express our deeper feelings – the sensations the Spirit gives us – into words. We must turn these feelings into our own words, and speak them to one another. Trust these deep feelings and Spirit sensations inside you, and do not be afraid to express them in your own words. I can’t emphasize this enough. Do not latch onto or borrow the language and verbiage of others, express those deep feelings in your words. They don’t have to be profound, spiritual or sophisticated words, they only need to be your words. The more natural and down-to-earth words they are, the better. I think sometimes we encode our understandings and experiences in a lot of over-spiritualized mumbo-jumbo, which only serves to complicate and obscure what is otherwise quite natural, simple and beautiful.


Religious Myth #32: The name of “Jesus” magically has authority and power.

It was put to me this way:

“The power in the name provides protection, covering for them that believe in it. When you call His name in time of danger, Jesus quickly shields you from any imminent harm. When you call His name for help, the answer is dispatched immediately. Most of the time you see instant manifestation.”

In my view, the idea that there is authority and power when one physically states the name/word “Jesus” is magical thinking.

Instead, I would express the true meaning of this “Jesus’ name” idea as follows:

“The Christ mind and nature that is in you and is you, supplies what is necessary to operate within the full and present spiritual reality of God’s Kingdom. Whenever you operate from that spirit inside, guess what? You’e already there!”

The trick with this is not get too wrapped up in all the terminology of “Christ mind and nature,” “spirit,” etc… Stay connected with whats real inside you. Be mindful of deep feelings and deep awareness that happens a bit deeper from your typical coming and going feelings. I think you know the difference when those deep feelings or that deeper awareness opens up inside you. We need to learn to speak to one another from that place.

A characteristic of a wise spiritual teacher is that they steer you in the direction of connecting with what’s real inside you – your authentic self, deep feelings, and spirit awareness, as opposed to encouraging your attachment to their personality, teachings, and experiences.


Sometimes when I come across people who are blurting out some Scripture verse, or some other external reference to support their stance, I want to say, “Hey! What do YOU truly feel? YOU tell me the truth!”


Unlike religion, there is no hierarchy in the Kingdom.


Jesus was not a religious person. He was considered a heretic and degenerate by his own religious tradition. Jesus is about the least religious person you’d ever meet. He felt more at home hanging out with the “sinners.” Jesus and religion don’t go together. Jesus would be horrified in knowing that people created a religious system around his personality, life and teachings. I think the true significance and impact of Jesus will not be grasped until we stop thinking of him as the product of proponent of religion.

Also, don’t make a religion out of a non-religious Jesus. Just embrace and live the spiritual truth he embodied and taught. That is enough.

Latest Comments

  1. Monika says:

    I’m not a religious person per se, but I know that there is power in the name of Jesus. It seems like you’ve kind of wandered away from Christianity and into new age, which is perfectly OK, but please identify that way so that there isn’t any confusion. I love that we have that freedom and I wish you blessings and tons of love, Jim!

    • jimpalmer1 says:

      Monika, in my view the name of Jesus is not a magic formula. I can’t tell you how many people I know who spoke the name of Jesus over their dying children and they still died, and they blamed themselves because they were told this was how it was supposed to work. Also, I have not wandered, I have quite intentionally abandoned institutional Christianity in order to follow Jesus. Wishing you freedom and love too!

  2. Jesse says:

    Jim, one thing I have learned is that you can’t piss me off. I have to do that. What you do is cause me to re-evaluate myself. If you say something that causes me to heat up it is an indication that I need to look into it. It is part of my process. Just because I look at it doesn’t mean I accept it but I understand it. That is what the Jesus in me would do, so why shouldn’t I.

  3. sam says:

    Not only am I am encouraged, I also can hear the angels cheering for this one, Jim. You just ran the ball another 100 yards for a touchdown! Stay strong and keep up the great work!

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