Cutting the ties between God and religion


A “paradigm” is a pattern of thinking or a fixed mindset, system, model or worldview. The term, “paradigm shift” has completely entered mass consciousness. Everyone has heard the phrase. A paradigm shift occurs when there is a radical change in thinking from an accepted point of view to a new way of thinking. The paradigm shift represents a transformation – or a metamorphosis – in thinking, which also includes a physical change.

Some examples of paradigm shifts would be:
the shift from hunter-gatherers to agriculture;
the shift from barter to money;
the Ptolemaic system (the earth is at the center of the universe) to the Copernican system (the sun at the center of the universe);
Newtonian physics to Relativity to Quantum Physics;
technological revolution (internet, smart phones);
changing from a manufacturing based economy to a service based economy;

What if there was a paradigm shift that cut the ties between God and religion? What if God and spirituality were embraced by people as a natural, thriving, vibrant, expanding inner reality and dimension that we share and live together? What if we carried forward the wisdom that has been offered by those who have gone before us without wrapping a different religion around each one?

(Graffiti by Banksy)

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