How often do we really turn inward in life?

How often do we really turn inward in life?

Our identity is often wrapped up in what we want others out there to think about us or is about obtaining some sort of status in the world based on something we do or achieve.

Our spiritual lives are developed guided along by the books and teachings of the spiritual leaders and gurus out there that we become attached to.

Our way of life is governed by societal norms and expectations, and the rules and regulations delegated down from various societal institutions.

Our standards and values for success, beauty and happiness, and what we deem significant and worthwhile are driven by the agendas of mass-media and Madison Avenue.

We become attached and addicted to the people, places and things that make us feel good, never recognizing that the source of those good feelings and true well-being is within us.

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  1. Jesse says:

    I turned inward when I was in my early teens and continued it for life. I lost my Dad when I was 10 years old, and I couldn’t get along with my step-father for the reasons listed in this blog. I didn’t go to college, I joined the Air Force 5 days after I graduated from high school. I kept and keep to myself mostly. I have exposed myself to many things, good and bad, and have grown steadily toward Jesus and God after ditching them long ago. I was the father to three children, two natural and one step. One son committed suicide about 30 years ago, at the age of 16. My other son died Oct. 2013, a slower form of suicide. My daughter has disowned me. I’m on my third marriage. This marriage is 35 years and growing. All of this is to say if I hadn’t turned inward when I did I would probably be dead by now. But, my faith and belief in Jesus and God and the things I learned from them and the Holy Spirit and all the teachers they provided. Gave me the ability to grow, understand, and live.

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