Religious reasoning can only get you so far

I discovered that I had to entirely set aside the religious mindset I had for so many years lived. What I discovered is that each time the Spirit opened a new recognition in me, that I tried to understand it in my head by relating it to my past religions reasoning. Which meant I was getting nowhere. You can’t understand the truth and reality the Spirit emanates from inside you by trying to understand it with religious reasoning. Some people may replace an old belief system with a more progressive new and improved one, but you’re still barking up the wrong tree by trying to approach it this way. All your mind is ever going to do is create a poor parallel intellectual (and religious) concept of what you experienced inside through the Spirit, which shifts you away from the “heavenly” source inside you, and keeps you locked up in your head. This will kill off the revelation that opened up inside you and prevent you from manifesting it.

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