That other way of knowing


Consider the possibility that there are two dimensions or layers from which we approach God and life. The first dimension is in our head, and is the worldly/religious mental understandings and mindset. This dimension is conditioned by the external cultural and religious narratives that we take on board and follow. The second dimension is deeper than the ordinary activity of the mind and the coming and going of human emotions. This layer is the Spirit-Self, which bubbles up from our deepest feelings, and is most naturally accessed by turning inward to what we intuitively feel deep inside is real.

This is a different way of knowing something. This sort of “knowing” goes like this:

I know it
I don’t know why I know it
I know it as more certain than anything I am certain of
It is inexpressible, but I will put it in my own words

(Photo by Darla Winn)

Latest Comments

  1. Audrey Garratt says:

    Yes, YES. That is it. So simple, eh?

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