Dethroning sky “God”

Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.” This is the essential truth that Jesus wants us to get. There is not some “God” located somewhere, out there, up there in the sky as a separate entity from us. That is a false God we created that has been given validity and rules over people through religion. Jesus was not too fond of the God of religion. If you’re looking in the sky for God, stop and start looking inside yourself. When Jesus made this statement, the religious leaders grabbed stones and wanted to stone him. Let this be a hint that if you speak the truth of you and God as one within, than the religious crowd is not going to be too pleased. The universal Spirit of God runs through all of us. Jesus said, “If you see me, you’ve seen the Father.” This is the kind of confidence we must have. In other words, we acknowledge that the essence, nature, and being of God constitutes our fundamental Self. God is not some Thor-like superhero riding the sky. We know we’ve gotten it when we can speak the same words as Jesus. You might say it this way, “When I go looking for God, I don’t have to go looking any farther than within myself.” The source of all is within us. What “being Jesus” means is having the confidence to speak and live this. If people get upset and accuse you of saying you are God, than you know you are on the right track. Of course you’re not claiming to be the sum-total of all that is God, but it will sound like this if you are truly embracing and living what Jesus taught and demonstrated. The reason people have difficulty with this, is that they have been sufficiently convinced through religion that they are bad, sinful, inadequate, worthless, etc. Too often Religion beats people into submission to a false God of judgment and condemnation. Jesus lifted people up into the truth of who they are.

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  1. Sparrow Woman, So. Cal. says:

    Sadly, Sky God is somehow comforting. Life seems too big, too awful, too disappointing sometimes, and i want Abba to fix it for me. I understand how ridiculous that sounds. A woman of my age wanting a Daddy to come help. But loneliness overwhelms, and being beaten up by life (and my own foolish mistakes–I know, I know) inevitably brings me to begging prayers as a default mechanism. The Still Quiet Voice within me, which I also depend upon, so often can’t get past the wails of mourning in my mind (or the clinical depression and anxiety). I’m trying to understand how de-throning Sky God would be helpful, while at the same time holding to my belief that God wells up on this planet as little me–the sparrow lost in the storm. I’m not holding on to religion, haven’t in a long, long time, long before I bumped into your books and blog. The strange mix of pantheism, Jesus-loving, Sky God dependency I have knitted together doesn’t quite work either. Oy.

  2. jimpalmer1 says:

    I think sometimes we get turned around and confused because we try so hard to work things out in our head or make sense of them within a mentality or mindset in which they can never truly come together. Beneath all that mess and turmoil, what is real is harmonious, complete, beautiful and without any contradiction or striving. Jesus taught that the path to the spiritual dimension is not through the typical way we reason through and process things. It comes through a different source. Your deepest feelings are one of the most reliable pathways. What I’m referring to lies deeper than your ordinary everyday changing thoughts and emotions. Some people use words like “intuition” or “tacit understanding” to describe it. I often use the designation of “deep feelings” because this resonates with how many people experience it. The Spirit opens up an awareness inside you and it bubbles up through deep-seated feelings. It is not necessary to wrap religious jargon or concepts around it, or try to make it fit with the religious/worldly mindset/reasoning programmed in your head. The best thing to do is to simply and naturally speak in your own words what you experienced or felt.

    • Sparrow Woman, So. Cal. says:

      I have experienced the deep feelings of Spirit. But they come haphazardly. If I feel desperate for guidance, it is absent. Or I believe I have been nudged a direction, and it doesn’t work out. I believe Spirit is living in me, but I have either blocked the messages, or life’s ravages have. I find no solace when I need it more times than not. But on occasion, my minds is put to rest, even though there have been no answers to quandaries and mishaps. Spirit is not “speaking” or nudging or generating deep feelings often enough so I can anchor belief–or probably more truthfully, I simply cannot “hear” or “feel.” I am growing old, my body is beginning to give out, and doing the things I love is becoming more difficult if not impossible. I am disappointed in how life has turned out. And I have no idea which direction to turn, what decisions to make now, how to rise above circumstances and be at peace. I read your blog as often as it comes to me, and like a Shakespearean character said, “Words, words, words.” Or as my girlfriend says, the words have not made that all-important, 18 inch journey from head to heart. Spirit is not confirming your messages so that I can believe what you say. The only thing I can hang on to is “love your neighbor as yourself.” And that I do with all my heart. I am Grammie to four beautiful little boys, and because of them, I stay alive for another day. I understand this: “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.” But believe what? Hope to “hear” what? Feel what?

  3. Audrey Garratt says:

    Great reply to Sparrow woman. My heat goes out to her. I think there are many dear people like Sparrow who are on the cusp of sorting the difference between the two realms we operate from. We have unwittingly chosen with each action we do, one of these realms – the natural including the psychic or the spiritual. It is EITHER OR because we cannot be in both realms at once. But now we desperately need to have our eyes opened and ears tuned to the differences between them and be able to knowingly choose the one we want to operate from.

  4. says:

    Did you read Palmer’s Dethroning “sky-God” today? Really GOOD!

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  5. Sparrow Woman, So. Cal. says:

    In my small world, God is “in all, over all, through all.” “In Him we live and move and have our being,” which says to me God is within me and surrounding me. God created nature and “it was good,” so, yes, I look to find God’s metaphors and messages there. Beauty itself speaks to God being present in nature. I’m not sure what is meant by “the psychic.” That word conjures up images of ouiji boards or crystal balls. I’m not into that. But I do find solace in the presence of grand trees, blue skies, and the wind whispering in the tree tops. I am awed by the heady fragrance and colorful depths of roses and sunflowers. I am head over heels in love with babies. And the non-judgmental love of kitties and doggies humbles me. God’s messages are everywhere in creation.
    In my mind there is no “either-or” but “and, and, and.” I can receive wisdom from what I see in nature and from Spirit of Christ who resides within. It is just that Spirit informing my spirit is so rare. The fault, dear friends, has to be in me, in the pain in my body, in the depression with which I have lived for years, in the brokenness from failed relationships, in fearing I shall die “before i have lived.” My evangelical friends, so sweet, so kind, cannot touch this pain in my heart with their sweet platitudes. My friends who consider themselves “free believers out in the wild” still hold to a mish-mash of Sky God and God as Spirit indwelling, God of religion and God of the heart.
    Maybe none of this matters. Maybe the search for truth is enough, and in that search, knowing I am accepted “just as I am.” Thank you for your responses. I think all I can do is muddle through.

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