My heart opened wide today

I saw this video, and it opened up my heart. Suddenly I became aware in my deepest feelings that we are all one, and it is love that makes this real and tangible. I wanted to cry. I was touching what is real and true, and it felt beautiful and powerful all at once. Maybe it was so powerful because it was so beautiful. The video is what triggered this opening of the Spirit within me. At first it seemed I was watching this beauty and power happen outside myself in the scenes depicted in the video, but then I realized I was connecting with it because that beauty and power is within me and recognized what it saw. It was familiar to my deepest innermost being. Do you get that? That beauty and power I felt is in me, and it’s in you, and it’s in all of us. We need to start taking some risks to give expression to it in our own words and in our own way. That thing you feel deep inside you – you know it’s real and true! 

Latest Comments

  1. David Folsom says:

    Incredible. I get it. In fact, I was thinking today, what is God? Who is God? God is us. God IS the Universe and everything in it right down to the smallest particle. In that case, we are all connected. We are all one and the same, a small part of the whole, functioning together like the cells in our bodies, working in harmony.

  2. LORIE ARGENT says:

    OMG!!!! The same thing happened to me today. brain is going a million miles a minute right now ..can’t figure out how to forward you email to the link I feel I need to send you..I know u don’t know me but I’ve been following u for a good while..

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