Bringing heaven and earth together as one.


Consider the possibility that there are two dimensions that represent what we commonly refer to as “heaven” and “earth.” There is a clear demarcation between the two. They have completely different properties or attributes. We want to bring the attributes and power of heaven to earth here. What messes things up is how our mind separates or divides these dimensions into regions or locations. Our mind tells us that earth is down here and now, and heaven is up there and later. To make matters worse, religion created an imaginary “God” in the sky to be in charge of it all, and to enforce a system or rules and regulations to govern it. This entire narrative is blocking the way. In actuality, when all this gets sorted out properly what it looks like is Jesus. What I mean is, these two dimensions are not locations, as in the earth below and heaven above. Instead, these dimensions come together in the life-giving Spirit expressing in the earthly realm. This is why Jesus said, “I am the truth.” In other words, “I am the truth of heaven, I am the truth of earth… as one.” Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself is ruined.” Sound familiar? This is what we are doing now! We have divided and split up things in a way that will never work. The only solution is to bring them back together as one. This was the reality depicted in the Garden of Eden; and this the objective expressed in the words “on earth as it is in heaven.” What is this? It is God’s presence… the life-giving Spirit moving into creation. It is God’s presence… the life-giving Spirit IN YOU moving into creation. “Heaven” and “Earth” become one in and through YOU.

(Photo by Darla Winn) 

Latest Comments

  1. encounterillumination says:

    Yes! I just experienced this very message in a forward fold. I heard ‘ when the two become one’. And I knew at once that this referred to the upper chakras becoming one with the lower and it expanded to ‘when Heaven and earth are one. This is the magic of the divine alive in each of us through the practice

  2. notjustablonde says:

    I believe this is true and have become more and more aware that Heaven is here with us, we need but awaken to it’s presence. Life on Earth is mostly Illusion with reality being the Eternal, the Divine. Like yourself I read and re-read Jesus’ words with greater insight and meaning and appreciate the insights you offered me here. I thank you for nudging me along my spiritual path.

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