The faith and courage to trust what lies within you


Be mindful today of the Spirit of the depths stirring within you, opening up an awareness of what is real and true. It might happen randomly or any number of things today might trigger it. It will bubble up inside from your deepest feelings, and will likely include homecoming sensations in which you feel free and connected to a beautiful and harmonious whole. It’s not necessary to understand it or decode it into religious language and concepts. Keep it real and natural. Embrace it with the simplicity of a child. Speak from those deep feelings to others in your own words. Any person can do what I just described. It doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or depend on you being some sort of enlightened guru. It may be a challenge for some, but only because you have been led to mistrust what is inside you. In that case, you must step out in faith and courage.

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  1. Sparrow Woman, So. Cal. says:

    A few days ago, I was holding my 1 year old grandson in my lap, giving him a small bottle to soothe him until his mommy came home. He was snuggled against my chest and the house was quiet. The late afternoon sun filtered through all the windows in the living room, turning the air golden. Both of us gazed into that holy light, and I realized I was experiencing that “bubbling up” of Spirit in that grace-filled, peaceful, loving moment. It truly was a “homecoming.” It was a moment of pure love and holiness. Thank you for the words that help me to describe those lovely moments.

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