You are not a sinner! (Start trusting what is inside you)


God is spirit. That spirit is the source of life, freedom, harmony, power, and well-being. That spirit and source is within you. It’s not located outside of you somewhere out there; it is inside you. Yes, INSIDE you. Yes, inside YOU. But you have a hard time accepting this because you were given false information about yourself. You were told that you are fundamentally a sinner, and that what’s inside you is corrupt and bad. This is a lie. Jesus never taught this. Your fundamental nature and essence is that spirit and source. That is your true Self. “Sin” is an orientation toward illusion and falsity. In other words, when you are believing the lie that you are bad and corrupt, that is the illusion and falsity!

Who you are deep down is good, beautiful, and powerful. That spirit.. that Self can be trusted… must be trusted. We are not going to get anywhere until you/we start trusting what is within us. You are afraid or doubt what lies deep within you… but what lies deep within you is your salvation and the salvation of the world.

How do we activate this salvation. By turning within and connecting with that spirit dimension within us… by turning to what is real inside us that bubbles up through our deep feelings. That’s how this works. The spirit opens up an awareness in you, and it comes through our deep feelings. Those deep feelings are a different dimension than our daily thoughts and emotions that are continuously changing. The deep feelings I’m talking about are more substantial and powerful. They have a lifting-up quality to them. They are often accompanied by homecoming sensations where you feel connected to and nestled in a sweet, freeing, almost intoxicating, oneness or harmony or beauty. We experience this awareness as an intuitive knowing, tacit understanding, or an implicit awareness.

This kind of intuitive knowing goes like this:
I know it
I don’t know why I know it
I know it as more certain than anything I am certain of
It is inexpressible

This way of knowing is an entirely different way than the mental processes of the brain. You don’t attain this through knowledge. This way of knowing is knit into the essence of your original Self, and your original Self sees the world through this awareness in every moment.

You are unaware of the knowledge you actually possess. There is a part of you that knows something that your mind doesn’t and can’t. You have understanding that your mind is not privileged to.

You know things that you can’t explain. There are times when you feel it. Mostly, you push it away or you’re conflicted about its validity. This is because you have been made to mistrust what is inside you.

Start listening to what lies within you! Trust it! Yes, it feels inexpressible. Express it anyway in your own words! You are not a sinner! What lies deep within you is not corrupt or bad. That whole narrative and mindset is BS! It’s not easy to trust what is within you when you have been led to doubt and mistrust it your whole life. It’s gonna take some moxy on your part. Step out in faith!

Latest Comments

  1. David Lee King says:

    The Bible (both old and new testaments) clearly teach that all have sinned. Romans 3:23 and Psalm 14:3 come to mind. And Jesus clearly teaches the same thing in John 3.

    So I’ll disagree with you when you say that “Jesus never taught this.”

  2. Jamie says:

    The best way I can say this is: I understand looking at our relationship to God in a different light, in accepting that we are very loved and not pieces of trash to be utterly dismissed of. I can see and feel that truth, but in layman’s terms all I’m getting really from you,people who follow your blog and other blogs or whatever similar in this “newer” way of viewing Christianity, is “the scriptures are right and wrong, the bible is a book filled with poems, and parables and a few pices of actual history written by humans who are fallible and are basically writing down human experience and their own opinions in that time” and also that the big guys got a hold of the good stuff and twisted it into this scary demeaning doctrine we have now. So excuse me but how the hell are we supposed to know what’s truth and what’s not? How can we follow the “wisdom” of scripture and not as well? Scripture talks about false teachers, Jesus warned about a falling away of truth and true Christianity, what does that mean? I read your post about not being a sinner, but us being sinners is everywhere in the bible…

    • Jamie says:

      Well, I re-read the post about what you mean is sin, and that sin is us living in a false self, not as we truly are, ok….but all the other things are still so up in the air for me…

  3. stevelowe74 says:

    A friend of mine has been sending my your blog links for some time. I love much of it. I especially love how you are challenging the status quo (like in the June 18 link above) with ideas like sin and repentance. What you said about Christ=Christianity is spot on. I’ve come to believe that the idea of original sin is a terrible bastardization of the Scripture. Personally, I’ve been untangling all these things for the last 15 years.

    However, it seems you jump from a necessary “untangling” to a whole new set of assumptions like “salvation is from within.” The Scriptures (and human experience) seem pretty clear that we desperately need salvation from WITHOUT. We need God to step in, forgive our missing the mark and teach us a new and better way. Enter Jesus, the incarnation into the world but essentially not from it. Then he sends the Holy Spirit who also originates from with out. The Scriptures also are inspired from outside ourselves and are necessary to show us what’s wrong in our lives.

    No, we are not inherently and essentially sinners or evil. But we do not possess within our selves what is necessary for our salvation and as long as we’re looking inside, we’ll miss the true salvation that God has for us.

    • jimpalmer1 says:

      Steve, I believe that Jesus emphatically taught and demonstrated that our true salvation happens from within ourselves not from outside ourselves.

      • stevelowe74 says:

        Yes, it is clear that you believe that. But it’s unclear what you base that belief on. (This is why I mentioned assumptions in my initial reply.) Other than Luke 17:21, I don’t know of a single statement that Jesus made that would imply an internal source of salvation. Nor does Jesus seem to revise the ancient Jewish understanding of salvation coming from God who is outside ourselves. What’s more is it appears that the NT writers invented a new phrase, “trust in” (in contrast to “believe that.”) What did they say to trust in? Certainly not ourselves!

      • jimpalmer1 says:

        Steve, the underlying premise of everything Jesus taught was that salvation comes from within ourselves, and is not located somewhere externally. In my view, the mindset you are suggesting is not something that came from scripture but a mindset you impose on scripture.

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