I preached a powerless gospel (my personal regret)


I regret that I did not do my due diligence sooner. That I blindly accepted and believed what I was taught about God, Jesus, myself, the Bible, people, the world, and life.

I regret that I did not exercise my own free and independent thinking earlier.

I regret that I taught people views about God and themselves that were damaging, and prevented their liberation. I am partly responsible for the condition of this world, and the fact that we have not yet tasted the kind of salvation and liberation Jesus spoke of.

I was the seminary graduate with a Master of Divinity degree. I was the Senior Pastor of a successful church that people turned to for the truth. I was the religious leader and Bible scholar that people trusted. But instead, I preached a powerless gospel. I just parroted what I was taught and never questioned. I believed and taught it sincerely but it was still based in ignorance.

This is an appeal to others out there like me. We messed this thing up, and we have been doing so for centuries! We are the “priesthood” that dropped the ball and led people astray. We can’t change the past but we can courageously stand for a different future. We are the ones who now have to make things right! We have to remove the religious stumbling blocks people are tripping over every day! We are the “lost sheep of Israel” today, and we have to get our act together!

Human beings are not inherently bad! Humankind is not separated from God! The truth of Jesus is God and humankind as one! The life-giving Spirit runs through us all, and we must encourage people to turn within and follow that Spirit, and to speak to one another from those deep feelings!

We have to set aside the building of all our little separate and individual kingdoms, and bring people together as one for the salvation and liberation of all humankind! If we will turn people toward the Spirit within them this will happen, but we will continue to wander around in circles if we insist upon making people into our own disciples! The Spirit says, “Let my people go!” We screwed up! We should be on the front-lines, making things right! Forget your reputation and good-standing, and stand for a new possibility and a new future and a new opening of the Spirit in our day right now!

Wake up!

The whole creation has been groaning with the pains of childbirth up to the present time. We are here to birth and manifest the messiah out of ourselves and into this world! We cannot stand in the way any longer. We must be out in front, telling people to come together and birth that messiah out of ourselves and the Eternal Spirit that is within us.

Latest Comments

  1. Audrey Garratt says:

    Go for it Jim! I feel your enthusiasm and I’m so loving the fact you have taken up the challenge.

  2. Jesse says:

    You, in your words, tell me you are the benchmark for what you teach. I don’t feel you could be as passionate about your teaching if you did not experience it first hand. Your teaching comes from the gut and that is very apparent. You are no longer preaching – you are testifying from the heart.

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