Nice is overrated


“People often envision Jesus as someone tiptoeing around in a flowing robe, speaking softly, and carrying a baby lamb in his arms. But the real Jesus of history was a lightning rod. He got angry. He was the greatest debunker of religious hierarchies and traditions, and the greatest desacralizer of holy places, times, people, rituals, priests and things, that this world has ever seen. The religious establishment hurriedly condemned him to death for blasphemy, while the secular powers executed him for sedition.

“Nice” is overrated. “Nice” is being “amiably pleasant, pleasing, and agreeable.” Not exactly the word I would use for Jesus when he was turning over tables in the temple. Jesus did not do this nicely. Jesus was a person of deep love and compassion, but the word “nice” doesn’t fit him. “Defiant” and “subversive” fit much better.

You’re too nice.

Religion taught you that you should be nice, considerate, polite, amiable, and selfless. An antonym for “nice” is “improper.” “Improper” is defined as: “not being in accord with acceptable behavior and procedures; not in keeping with conventional mores.” Yep, that was Jesus!

The road to Truth has improper written all over it. People traveling this road are a threat to all the nice people. Don’t expect them to be nice anymore, at least to you. Your world works because it hinges on you being nice. There will not be a crowd cheering you on. Knowing Truth is not a popularity contest, and the road to your freedom and end of suffering will be lined with people expressing disapproval.

Every step on the path of Truth is an act of non-conformity.

There will be resistance. There will be a lot of chances to turn back. Keep going! Be fearless!”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

(Photo by Darla Winn)

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  1. kent hartmann (@HartmannKent) says:

    What about 1 Corinthians 13? Jesus was definitely subversive, but maybe his subversiveness came from the fact that he could passionately disagree with love and respect for the one he disagreed with. Anger and rage don’t correspond with love.

    • jimpalmer1 says:

      I’d say ransacking the temple, and referring to the religious leaders as a “brood of vipers” isn’t too nice. One of the nice-sounding but false premises associated with religion/Christianity is that anger is bad.

  2. kent hartmann (@HartmannKent) says:

    I don’t believe anger is bad because some religion told me. I think one can be angry at a situation without being angry at the person involved. Plus neither of us believe everything presented in the bible is accurate, so why choose to believe the story of the cleansing of the temple is accurate? Why not let love dictate truth?

  3. mizmycoli says:

    Jim Palmer Sir, Just who are you?
    I think our world is far better because you inhabit it.
    Sometimes when Ideas form in my mind and there are no words to describe them, I stumble on one of your write ups and it feels like I’m about jumping out of my skin.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d agree with people who say I’m making a religion out of you.

    I reference your writings alot on our forum and sometimes when I write originally, people confuse it for your writing and vice versa.

    Infact, you’re the reason I opened a diary online, I needed to keep tabs of your write ups and mine too. People began taking an interest in you too, asking me to discuss you with them. LoL.
    I’d have posted a link to diaries section of our forum, but it’s built such that guests can’t access it.

    Thank you, thank you, for helping me know that I can live a life devoid of religion and be Jesus still.

    More than ever, I’m convinced that my Be-ing alone is all the proof I need of my divinity.
    I am not flawed, I am whole.
    The Lies and illusions keep falling and failing at a geometrical rate and I’m beginning to see myself for who/what I really am.

    Thank You.

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