Writing my next book: Inner Anarchy


I have started the process of writing my 5th book. In fact, I’ve written nine chapters and hope to have it available by Christmas. Did I just say that? Yikes! After publishing my first books with a major publishing house, I’ve decided to self-publish with the support of my reading audience and social media friends. This feels much more organic to me, and I find the process much more enjoyable, creative, constructive, and worthwhile.

One of the themes of the book is what I call “inner anarchy” – dethroning all those false worldly and religious ideas, beliefs, mindsets, and ideologies that rule us from inside. My primary goal is to open the way for people to turn toward what is real inside them, and see that we are to birth the “messiah” out of that higher spiritual presence within us and into the world.

In the process I am addressing several Christian teachings that are blocking the way for many people to take these steps. The biggest blunder of religion was convincing people to mistrust what is inside them, and to become dependent on the religious mindset and system to work out their relationship with God. Unless people have the confidence to turn within themselves to access the life-giving Spirit and source of all, then we’re going to be wandering around in circles forever, and getting nowhere. This was what Jesus’ life and teachings were fundamentally about, but Christianity applied the same religious mindset to Jesus, and little progress has been made. It’s going to be a rather hard-hitting book, and I don’t mince words as it relates to the ways the Christian establishment (myself included) has led people astray.

This book is aimed at empowering people to connect with what is real deep inside them, which happens to be the way the Spirit most naturally works. The goal of the book is simple – getting people to leave the heady/mental mindset of religion, and to experience, live and speak in their own words what they know in their deepest feelings to be real and true. If this happens, people’s lives will be transformed and we will birth a new reality in this world that has never been seen before. It is this vision that Jesus lived for and died for, and I believe we are on the precipice of seeing it realized as never before.

As mentioned, this is an independent publishing effort. If my books and writing have been meaningful for you and your journey and you’re so inclined, you can support the effort to publish this book through the Friends of Jim Palmer GoFundMe page. Thanks! 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on the details as things unfold.

Latest Comments

  1. Fred Elliott says:

    Blessings to You, Sir. You continue to Inspire.

  2. Susan P says:

    That is an especially evil teaching, distrusting what my heart tells me. I’m glad you are addressing it.

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