Leaving religion behind… one book at a time.


Divine Nobodies is the book I wrote during that part of my journey when I was discovering the insanity of many of my Christian beliefs and ways. My follow-up book, Wide Open Spaces, tells the story of what it looked like for me as I charted a new spiritual path beyond the mindsets and mentalities of religion. Though I had deconstructed and left behind many of my former Christian beliefs, I was confronted with the question of how and why Jesus was significant. I devoted a year of my life to answer this question for myself, and tell this story in my third book, Being Jesus in Nashville. Over the course of those three book so much in me had changed. As a former Christian minister, I often held out the hope of heaven in the afterlife. But something about this didn’t seem quite right. Jesus promised freedom and an abundant life in the here and now. My fifth book, Notes from (Over) the Edge, is a direct and no-nonsense guide to bringing an end to your inner suffering. The book identifies several ways that religion and false Christian teachings have gotten in the way. 

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