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Hello friends! I’m checking in to say that I’ve had my nose buried in the computer the last few weeks, finishing up my next book, Inner Anarchy. I’m hoping to get it finished and through the publishing process to make it available by Christmas. Yikes! It’s gonna be close. This is an independent self-publishing effort, and if you are interested in supporting the cause, you can visit my Friends of Jim Palmer GoFundMe page. Thanks 🙂

In the meantime I’ve been asking a lot of questions in social media about where people stand with respect to some of their former Christian beliefs. Here are a few of them:

I’m curious about something as it relates to those who have “shed religion” or deconstructed many/most of your traditional Christian beliefs. Have your thoughts changed in terms of what/how you think about all the “end times” teachings, doctrines, etc? Or maybe a better question would be, does it have any relevance or significance for you now?

So, we live in a world that is governed by the laws of nature, science and physics. What are your thoughts about there being a “supernatural” realm or dimension that is not subject to the laws of the natural world?


Over the course of my journey, including my MDiv and years as a Christian pastor, I eventually came to the realization that the Christian religion as I experienced it did not accurately represent and even obscured and falsified the teachings of Jesus and the truth he bore witness to. How open would you be to revisiting Jesus life and teachings on different terms?


Is it possible that the Christian religion has confused and misrepresents the life and teachings of Jesus, and that there’s truths Jesus lived and taught that are worth knowing?


If you were an all-powerful and all-loving God, would you have waited this long to rescue this world from its pain and suffering? If Jesus was going to return to make things right, what is the reason for his delay? These are the questions people are asking.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the above questions and topics. Thanks!

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  1. twodogdocs says:

    Love has become my a priori for everything. As far as end times, the importance for understanding what this entails and how it affects me has lost its significance. Love is for the here and now, and my understanding of eternal life has morphed into a quality of life that is lived now (and possibly after death) as opposed to a quantity of life that starts at death.
    Concerning the supernatural. I no longer believe that God is active in a physical sense within this universe. His activity, to me, is purely on the spiritual level. So, to me, the real miracles are the ones that occur at the heart level, thus changing the “being” of a person instead of changing the circumstances surrounding a person.
    My view of Jesus changed drastically (which also has affected my view of the Father) when I abandoned the western view of penal substitutionary atonement. Jesus and the Father are now seen as working in concert to restore our broken relationship for love’s sake instead of Jesus appeasing the Father’s need for retributive justice. The significance of Jesus’ life, the things he said, and even the way he treated people are now understood solely on the basis of love instead of a confused mixture of love and harshness depending on the person and situation. Have I created and imaginary Jesus by not seeing him as western Christians interpret him? If I have made him too loving and too nice, so be it. The affects of how I view and treat others because of my understanding have been only for the positive.
    Why the delay? I don’t know if I have a good answer for that. I see God’s revelation of himself as love communicated to and received by the heart of a man; not by the mind. The heart is the sensory organ for all things God. The mind comes into play secondarily by interpreting and categorizing the revelation received by the heart. So, love has always been and always will be the language of God and the basis of “knowing” him. Jesus came to remind us of the Father’s heart. Why then? I don’t know, but to me he didn’t come to bring new truth, and he didn’t come to appease the Father so that now he could love us too. I think many others, before and after Jesus, have come with the same message of love revealed in their life. Does this minimize Jesus’ life? I don’t think so. Instead, it maximizes the lives of those who have “known” and now “know” God from their hearts. The truth about God has never changed, only man’s perception of it has.

  2. firewood says:

    regarding “end time” teaching, it has become irrelevant to me. I see each generation interprets current events in terms of the end times and thinks it’s here. In other words we will never know because we always personalize it to ourselves.

    regarding believing in the supernatural realm, of course I do. If I didn’t why talk about a supernatural God who doesn’t really exist. If there is no supernatural and we only have this physical world why continue living? We above everyone are to be most pitied.

    Regarding the reason for Jesus’ delay, that is what we would all like to know. I think we are all ready for him to return today.

  3. joycelwood says:

    I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian church environment…my Dad a minister. As a.5yr old I had an understanding that if I was the only human…Jesus would have died because I needed him to. In my teens I hungered for a real God I could connect to. The beliief system of fear around end times is very discouraging to having a family. Rethinking & embracing how connected we all r &free to appreciate & be curious about our diversity is paramount to seeing god as Spirit in & thru us. It breaks down the vs them barriers. It’s been a journey of.years for me & continues to bring openheartedness & freedom rather than fear & constriction.

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