Expect controversy for Christmas


So, my upcoming book, Inner Anarchy, is likely to be distressing to some folks. The first group who may get concerned are those who don’t really understand anarchy, and think I am calling for people to go out into the streets, displace the current ruling powers, and take over. I’m guessing there are a whole lot of people associated with the Christian religion who are not going to be happy with this book. This book is definitely a katy-bar-the-door I’m not mincing words in letting my Christian brethren know how we’ve screwed things up. On the other hand, this book will also likely stir up those who have swung the other way and basically feel Jesus is irrelevant and a big waste of time. But despite all that, I think if people will read this book with an open heart that we will be able to clear the way for birthing some pretty awesome new possibilities in our world.

Here are where things stands now. The 21-chapter book is finished and has been sent off for copyedit work. After that stage, the book will move on for cover design and interior formatting for publication in print and digital form. Darla Winn is doing an original photo for the cover, and Yana Cortlund is doing the cover design and formatting. The hope is that we can get all this finished and made available by Christmas because we all need some controversy going into the holidays

This is an independent publishing effort, which is a nice way of saying that I am responsible for all the costs associated with the publication of this book. We are now moving into the phases where financial resources are necessary. If my books or what I share through social media has been meaningful for you and you’re capable of supporting the cause, you can make a contribution to the Friends of Jim Palmer GoFundMe Campaign. Here’s the link.

Thanks! 🙂 

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  1. Danny Randall says:

    Dude I cannot wait to read this book! It’s gonna be epic! Christmas is funner with a little anarchy in it!

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