Jesus needs new PR


Jesus needs a new PR Director because the Christian religion has too often given him a bad name. One way they have done this is by making Jesus’ truth and teachings exclusive. According to this mindset, one has to “become a Christian” and “accept only Jesus” in order to have the truth. So either you belong to the Christian club, or you’re out of luck, doomed, and destined for Hell. Seriously??? The truth Jesus bore witness to and demonstrated has universal significance and it doesn’t require one to become a Christian. Jesus never intended for him or his teaching to become a religion to compete with all the others. Instead, Jesus confronted the problem with the religious mindset altogether, and lifted up truth that any person can embrace if they are willing to look inside themselves.

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  1. Kate says:

    Hi, thanks for being thought provoking, its good to be provoked to think about things! Just so you know I am coming from a perspective of having broken free from the need to be in a local church. But I passionately love and follow Jesus, and do my best to live and grow the freedom, love and authority He showed us and asked us to share with others. What I don’t understand is how you can be a follower of Jesus and yet it seems like you only take some of what He says. Didn’t Jesus say that He is the way to God and that it is impossible to come to a place of freedom without following what He taught? Didn’t Jesus tell us to be filled with His Spirit, to pray in His name etc??

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