What Jesus and Atheists have in common (we need inner anarchy!)


An Atheist would actually find quite a bit in common with Jesus – they both reject religion’s notion of God. This is part of the inner anarchy we need. We can no longer allow that concept of God to rule over us.

My upcoming book Inner Anarchy isn’t going to sit too well with some folks. It may be an eye-opener to discover which side Jesus is really on, which isn’t in support of religion. Not that we want to split up the world in “sides,” but Jesus said you can’t serve two masters. You can’t serve the God of religion and find the heaven that Jesus said is within us.

I went to seminary and received a Master of Divinity degree. For many years I was the senior pastor of a successful church. It was a contemporary, artsy, edgy, relational church, and I preached a more grace/positive/practical-oriented message. Unfortunately, all of this was attached to a framework and system about God that could never lead to the freedom Jesus promised. One day Jesus’ disciples spoke to him about the temple. Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, not one stone here will be left upon another, which will not be torn down.” That framework and system of ideas and mindsets that religion has built around God is the temple that needs to be torn down until no stone is left upon another. That’s the inner anarchy we need now, and why I wrote this book.

As an update on the book, it is currently going through the copyedit stage. This will be wrapped up in the next couple days and then the book will move to the final stage before publication, which is cover design and the formatting of the pages/book for publishing in print and digital form. The cover will include an original photo by friend and awesome photographer, Darla Winn.

This book is an independent publishing effort, which is a nice way of saying that I am responsible for the cost of publishing the book. If you’re interested in helping support the cause, you can contribute to the Friends of Jim Palmer GoFundMe effort.


(Photo by roswell-phoenix at deviantart.com)

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  1. DataHeart says:

    The true goal of any religion should be spiritual development that frees us from a mindless reliance on doctrine and religious traditions. That said, internal anarchy shouldn’t be confused with social anarchy. God tried that route and it failed. He resisted the Hebrew calls for a king and instead raised Judges when they needed human leadership. It didn’t work out over time, so he relented and anointed a king. After that, the Jews became very successful from a worldly point of view but it lead to their spiritual corruption. And so it goes… so hard to find a balance.

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