Inner Anarchy! Which book cover would you choose?


So, the full title of my upcoming book is:

Inner Anarchy: Dethroning God and Jesus to Save Ourselves and the World

Inner Anarchy is a rallying cry for tearing down those false mindsets that rule within us, and are preventing our liberation. Many of those false mindsets were placed in our heads by religion. Christianity has given the world a story about God and Jesus that is a big part of the problem that is holding us all back. Until we walk away from that story there is no hope for moving forward, and truly embracing the truth that Jesus bore witness to and demonstrated.

Below are four book cover possibilities. Thanks to Darla Winn for doing an original photo shoot, and creating an awesome image for the cover! Thanks also to Yana Cortlund who has taken the images and designed these book cover alternatives.

About the sub-title. The “dethroning” word applies to the “anarchy” theme. “Anarchy” means the absence of a ruling class. In the case of this book, it is the absence of those ruling mindsets within us. The “dethroning” part must go further than just “God.” This book goes into some detail about how Christianity particularly got things twisted about Jesus. The result of this is how it is preventing true freedom and “salvation” to manifest in our lives and the world. If the title stirs up some controversy, it’s probably a good indicator or forewarning, because the contents inside definitely will! We need to get Jesus down off the throne of the Christian religion, and down here with us!

Also, in case people don’t know… the ‘A’ in the pendant is the official and universally accepted symbol for anarchy.

We could use your input and feedback. Is there one of the below options that you particularly like more than the others? Leave a comment and let us know. Thanks!





Latest Comments

  1. Jesse Collins says:


    I prefer the one on the bottom. Too me it conveys more symbolism and is not as harsh as most of the others. This not to say use a soft sell approach but that Inner Anarchy has two sides like everything else in the universe. As a contemplative this cover appeals the most to me.

    As soon as I get my cast off, I owe you a letter of explanation.


  2. Brenda Gray says:

    Jim, I prefer the second one…hope this helps…

  3. Jeanne S. says:

    I prefer the 2 black and white ones. To me, the color ones, there is too much going on and distracts from the title.
    “Dethroning Jesus”…wow, hope you have a thick skin dude, ’cause you are sure to take some major heat for that statement! I hope it’s a big success.

  4. suegrafton26 says:

    I love the first choice. By showing only lips and not a whole face, I feel people can more readily identify with, “Hey, this story might be about ME!” Once you show a whole face, though, the reader shifts thoughts to thinking it is about someone else. I’m looking forward to reading it!!

  5. texaussie says:

    I like the first one, Jim.

    Sent from my iPad


  6. brylastyle says:


    Greg Bryla Principal / Studio Leader Dix.Hite+Partners


  7. Danny Randall says:

    I like the top one the best!

  8. Janet Tandy says:

    #1. At first glance, the title really pops out on this one.

  9. John R. Ford says:

    #1 – I like the “Anarchy” superimposed over peace.

  10. bryaneli says:

    I like the first and the last one.

  11. james says:

    I like # 2… Looking forward to your new book

  12. Aly says:

    I like the third one:-) Slightly blurred, but distinct and edgy!

  13. Derrick Courtens says:

    #1 is softer/warmer, #4 is sharper/catchy. prefer #4 I think.

  14. Jesse Aletheia says:

    #3 Really looking forward to this one!

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