Jesus said to save ourselves


One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. We’ve dug a 2,000-year trench of believing over and over again the same underlying premises about God, ourselves, Jesus, others, this world, life and death. No matter how we package up these premises, they have no power to help us. Or as Wanda the Waffle House waitress says, “You can scramble them, poach them, sunny side up them, over hard or over easy them, but they are all just eggs.” The current situation is that these premises are ruling us from within. Even those who have left religion behind are often still operating with those premises, it just looks a little different. This is why I wrote “Inner Anarchy.” No one can do this for us – each of us has to tear down those mindsets that are ruling us from within. This isn’t going to be a walk in the park because what we know to be true deep inside of us is not going to line up with what we’ve been told by the world and religion. The disciples wanted Jesus to fix, heal and save his followers. Instead, Jesus told them to save themselves – to find the kingdom of Heaven within them, and operate within the dimension of the life-giving spirit within them – the same spirit that was within Jesus.

(Photo by Darla Winn)

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  1. Steve Simms says:

    We have to “tear down those mindsets that are ruling us from within.” I love that! Life is an inner battle, but too many of us are gone with the whim!

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