We need a true and authentic togetherness


We are going to have to create a real togetherness among us in order to see inner anarchy give birth to a new reality and world. It starts by turning toward what is real that is deep within us, and then lifting that up out of ourselves into the world. There is an awareness that opens up inside us and we experience it in the dimension of our deepest feelings. It so important that we speak out these deep feelings to each other in our own words. Jesus said we much become like children – it must be natural and elemental, and not all cluttered up with religious concepts and verbiage. We must give these deep feelings a public presence by speaking them out. We don’t need an organization with structures and a hierarchy of people in charge; we just need to self-organize in that true and authentic spirit of togetherness. Oh and by the way, don’t expect the world to lay out a red carpet and cheer you down this path. Expect people to tell you that you are crazy, deceived, on God’s judgment list, etc. If they did it to Jesus they will do it to you. That’s why we need that togetherness – to encourage and support one another.

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