Let’s figure this shit out together!


Some of us who came through religion are accustomed to the institutional approach to getting something done, which typically includes a hierarchical structure of leadership, and some configuration of organizational structures, programs, staff, and facilities. The path I want to suggest as it relates to inner anarchy and birthing a new age is self-organization. Self-organization is a scenario where people spontaneously connect with one another in some purposeful manner, without the help of an external agency. Let me ask you, who was in charge during the 60’s? No one. Right? Essentially it was a leaderless movement. We’re going to have to develop these self-organization muscles because they may have atrophied from our involvement in organized religion. Here’s the deal. We’re gonna have to figure this out ourselves. While it’s true that we have everything we need inside to move forward into a new age, we need to figure out how to work this out together amongst ourselves. Take the guy below – it’s a little rough around the edges but you get the point.

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