One step closer to Inner Anarchy


I wanted to give you a brief update on Inner Anarchy.

The cover design (front, back, spine) has been completed, as well as the interior formatting of the pages. Yana did an awesome job on these – her creative flare really gives the book a unique feel. I’m a creative/artistic person myself and so I especially appreciate this sort of thing. Like my chef friend tells me – food is art, part of the experience is the presentation. So, thanks Yana for your creative contribution!

Of course there are many other people who have contributed to this process: photographer Darla did an original photo shoot for the book, and Becca, Diana, Heather and Ron did the editing, copyediting, and proofing. Then there are the folks who helped by reading the draft manuscript and offering input, helped select the cover concept, and financially supported this independent publishing endeavor through the Friends of Jim Palmer GoFundMe campaign. Thank you! None of this would have happened without all these and other people contributing their time, skills, encouragement, and resources to the cause.

So, in the next couple days the files will be passed along and published into print and Kindle. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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