The personality cult of religion must go


We have to drop the personality cult we often find associated with religion. It’s a level playing field among equals. Each of us must have the confidence to turn toward the life, source and Spirit within us. Jesus himself discouraged people from establishing a personality cult around him, and told people to follow the Spirit within them. Part of the inner anarchy we need involves dismantling the mindset that glamorizes and romanticize spiritual leaders, teachers and authors. I put myself at the top of the list. I do not have any more of that life, source, and Spirit than you do. The only real value of anything I write is whether or not it turns you toward that Spirit inside you. Even my upcoming book Inner Anarchy was a community effort, and happened in conversation and connection with others. I had a reader group to dialogue with who offered input and feedback as the book was being written. The new spiritual vistas ahead of us will not be opened up by the paradigm of a few special gurus with a herd of followers, but each of us operating within the spiritual authority inside each of us, and coming together as equals.

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  1. Rick Darris says:

    Hi Jim. I loved what you said about letting go of romanticizing spiritual leaders, gurus and authors, including yourself, which is refreshing and honest, which is why I enjoy your writing. It does resonate and I do believe that we all have to find our own inner truth. I lived in LA and was baffled by the Marianne Williamson following. Or people that would go to Agape and basically kiss the ass of Michael Beckwith (I think that’s his name.) I was at one time one of those people who was lazy and looked to others for spiritual truth until I was able to see some of these so called “gurus” outside of their bubble. And, the haze just lifted on its own with age and maturity and willingness to accept that none of us really has the absolute truth which can create anxiety at first, but later, a sense of calm and contentment because that is actually the reality of life.

    Most disturbing to me is when narcissistic Oprah Winfrey pulls “spiritual teachers” onto her pedestal and they become “Winfreyized” and move to the category of insufferable (i.e. Tolle and Dyer among others.) I remember reading Wayne Dyer when he was much younger and humble, before he became so full of himself and aggrandized, and enjoyed his writing and humility. Like so many others, he floated away in the clouds of spiritual addiction and fame with millions that keep the delusions alive and well – similar to what happens with celebrities like Angelina and Brad who eventually believe that they are “above human” and demigods.

    It’s so challenging to find intellectual seekers that are willing to think and go within, rather than just blindly follow without a hint of interest in exploring their own truth using reasoning and intuition and inner truth. I appreciate your writing and I especially appreciate your authentic humility in reaching out to others as an “equal” who does not see himself as a spiritual guru, but rather as a man interested in the mystery of life and having conversations with others who do not have “THE ANSWER.”


  2. Susan P says:

    It creeps up on you and one day you wake up and realize that you only need to listen to Jesus.

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